The practice of Iyengar Yoga allows for a mental health and physical strength. The classes are vigorous, and students should expect to work hard.

You will learn to re-align your body in order to improve flexibility, strength and balance.

Assistance will be provided, with the use of props such as blocks, chairs, blankets, and straps, which will facilitate comfortable adjustment in each posture and allow you to work in a range of motion most suitable to your body’s needs.

You will learn how each posture helps to cure and prevent common injuries that result from playing tennis, golf, running, biking, and other such common activities. You will leave the class feeling rejuvenated, and assume sensations of calm, clarity, and well-being.

I teach private classes in my studio and also public group classes (click on Class Schedule).

One response to “Namaste!

  1. melanie Wells

    I have known Jacqueline for almost 30 years. I have had the pleasure of attending her Yoga classes, her retreat in Haramara, Mexico and taking as many privates as her schedule allows when I am in town. She is an unusually gifted teacher of Iyengar Yoga . Why? Because she helps me believe in myself. She is uplifting, disciplined, believes in her work and her students capacity to benefit from their work. She’s truly remarkable. I can’t say enough, except I wish she would train other Iyengar teachers as it is difficult to find instructors who use her technique. She is special, take a class, you’ll be hooked .

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